Who we are

An experienced team with inspiring grant partners

The Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund was founded in 2017 with support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and other donors.

LEAF is now hosted by The Ecology Trust, a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales (number 1099222). The Trust has a reputation for innovative philanthropy – the Environmental Funders Network began here, as did the Conservation Collective network of place-based funds – we know what it takes to invest grant funding wisely, and apply all this experience to the development of LEAF. We are grateful to all the foundations and individual donors who have generously supported LEAF’s work to date.


Our team comprises a Fund Director, Harriet Williams, and Programme Officer, Lizzie Walker, who both have substantial experience of grantmaking strategies in highly-forested countries including Indonesia.

Steering committee

Our steering committee has expertise in areas important to LEAF’s continued growth, including conservation, philanthropy, climate finance and communications. Current Committee members are:

Our strengths

We bring the following strengths to our work:

Our grant partners

Above all, LEAF’s strength derives from the talent and determination of the groups we support. As campaigners, conservationists, scientists and advocates, our grant partners have all the bases covered. But they need more funding to succeed – at least $8 million per year. This is roughly double the total philanthropic funds available to Leuser-focused work today, though only a fraction of the money directed to more famous landscapes. 

Our partners each have complementary strategies to build on existing successes and stop these precious rainforests from slipping away. LEAF’s main purpose is to drive funding towards the delivery of these collaborative plans, which comprise a framework of inter-related conservation, economic, legal and community livelihoods work. Please donate today, or contact us for further information.