Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision: Sumatra’s largest rainforests – protected for people and planet, forever

Our Mission

To connect international donors to our capable conservation partners in Indonesia; by doing so we aim to accelerate the pace and scale of protections offered to this unique and globally important landscape.

Our Values

At LEAF the following principles underpin all we do: 


We prioritise partnerships with far-sighted donors who share our ambitious vision of change, incorporating as it does the need to create new incentives for conservation in economic, social and legal systems


We know our grant investments work because they are rooted in a creative, strategic approach to change developed with the wisdom of our civil society partners


We seek to add value to funds invested by LEAF and other donors to the Leuser, by promoting communication and collaboration within the funding community


We are conscious of how our grantee organisations differ in terms of size, outlook and operating environment, and use participatory tools to make sure everyone’s voice is heard


We are honest in all our relationships, the three-way trust between grant partners, LEAF and donors is a valued asset and we are supportive of our partners through good times and bad

Do no harm

We do nothing to jeopardise the safety or strategies of our partners, including those involved in frontline environmental defence work