Who's Involved

Gita Defoe

The Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund is administered by the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS). It was co-founded with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Sarah Woodhead and Ben Goldsmith, with the support of several committed philanthropists.

Our advisors and core team provide deep expertise and strategy while also maintaining trusting relationships with the network of organizations working to protect Leuser. 

Steering Committee

The LEAF Steering Committee includes expert members working in the fields of environmental protection, species conservation, and policy development. This panel comprises:

  • Helen Buckland, Director, Sumatran Orangutan Society
  • Laura D’Arcy, Conservation Development Manager, ZSL
  • Adam Gibbon, Chief Technical Officer, Althelia Ecosphere
  • Sarah Woodhead, Philanthropy Adviser and Environmental Campaigner 
  • Ben Goldsmith, Chair, JMG Foundation
  • Andy Tait, Senior Forests Campaigner, Greenpeace
  • Justin Winters, Executive Director, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation