Our Approach

Jeffri Jaffar

The Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund supports a multi-disciplinary approach to biodiversity and landscape protection, sustainable development, legal advocacy and policy development to secure the long-term preservation of Leuser. LEAF prioritizes practical and pioneering wildlife and landscape protection and restoration measures and truly sustainable economic activity that is compatible with conservation.

Zac Mills

Our goals are to:

  1. Protect biological diversity in the Leuser Ecosystem;
  2. Protect and restore the integrity of, and ecological services provided by, the Leuser Ecosystem;
  3. Promote the involvement of local communities in the conservation and sustainable management of the natural resources and biodiversity of the Leuser Ecosystem; 
  4. Act as a catalyst for strategic partnerships to enable enhanced conservation outcomes for Leuser;
  5. Attract and leverage further contributions for the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem.

Madelaine Hardus

LEAF has undertaken a deep assessment of the legal and policy framework governing the management of natural resources in the Leuser landscape; this will guide our strategic allocation of funding, enabling us to pinpoint game-changing interventions, and generate the greatest possible impact from the funds we invest in the protection of Leuser. 

Paul Hilton